These models keep getting better

It's not a secret that the Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, and Dodge Dart are all powerful, attractive models, but now Dodge is driving home its tough image. With the help of Danny Trejo, Hollywood's tough guy, the company is proving their staying power on the market and in the hearts of drivers everywhere who are seeking a little more excitement.

To get an idea of just how 'bad' these cars are, especially when paired up with Danny Trejo, check out this video.

At C. R. Motors of Hudson we don't expect our customers to assist in a potential criminal act during a test drive, and we certainly will point out more features beside the sunroof. Visit us today and test drive a new car that could prove to excite your commute, give you a sense of pride in your daily routine, and we can help you find financing that doesn't hurt the wallet.

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