Keep Getting Dirty



Sometimes, having fun means you're going to get a little dirty. Like when you hit the trails in a Jeep brand vehicle and splash up some mud puddles. Well, this month Jeep initiated a day to celebrate the dirt: 4x4 Day, which falls on April 4th. The Jeep Blog has more details.

"4×4 on 4-4," reads the recent post on the matter. "It’s the new holiday that celebrates the wave goodbye to winter — when off-road enthusiasts finally drop the top for spring and take to the trails to splash around in the mud made by the melting snow. What could be better than going from season to season while you Go Anywhere, Do Anything®?"

Not yet a member of the Jeep family? We can fix that. Come out to C. R. Motors of Hudson at 518 S. Meridian Rd. and take a Jeep model for a spin.

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