2017 Chrysler Pacifica is Already A Family Fave

When you think of falling in love with a car at first sight, you rarely think "minivan." Yet, that's exactly what drivers are doing when they lay eyes on the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. It's not just attractive for a minivan, it's attractive for a family vehicle in general. Better still, it's improved on features of the Town & Country.

If you've shopping for a minivan in the past, you're sure to know the words "Pentastar," "Stow N' Go," and "rear seat entertainment" pretty well by now. The Pacifica has all of these, and all of them are vastly improved. The engine still offers class-leading horsepower and gas mileage, while the Stow N' Go seating is much more refined. And for those who want rear seat screens for the kids, the UConnect theater offers a plethora of functions.

Want to pour over all of these gadgets on an actual Pacifica? The team at our Chrysler dealership in Hudson, MI would be more than happy to assist you. Contact us at your convenience.

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